Different Types of Meat Cuts

For most people, getting to savor the tasty meals and flavors of all the different kinds of meat in a buffet is by far the most incredible aspect of preparing the meal in the first place. Especially because of how sumptuously tasty they are when you are churning them in your mouth. However, despite being so in love with the finished product, we don’t always know the differences between the cuts of meat. Either because of disinterest or being intimidated by the meat counter, cleavers, and hooks. Nevertheless, regardless of what the reason is, the information is very useful when buying and preparing meat because specific areas of the animal body offer you different meat cuts.

Beef Meat Cuts

Beef can be divided into six different cuts. These include:

  • The round cuts that come from the cow’s rear area and include rump roasts and eye round steaks.
  • The tenderloin cuts that emanate from the middle back area of the cow which includes the filet mignon, sirloin, porterhouse and T-bone steak cuts.
  • The rib cuts that come from the cow’s rib area.
  • The chuck cuts from the cow’s chest area that includes pot roasts and blade steaks.
  • The flank and brisket cuts that are gotten from the cow’s lower underbelly.

Pork Meat Cuts

Pork has about seven major types of meat cuts. These include:

  • The ham cut that emanates from the pig’s rear area and hind legs part.
  • The loin cuts that are gotten from the pig’s upper back part that is underneath the top layers of fat that include pork chops, Canadian bacon and pork roasts.
  • The Boston shoulder cuts that are retrieved from the top part of the shoulders.
  • The picnic shoulder cuts that come from the pig’s front legs.
  • The sparerib cuts that emanate from the pig’s rib cage area.
  • The belly cuts such as bacon from the pig’s underside.

Lamb Meat Cuts

You can get about six different meat cuts from the lamb. These include:

  • The leg cuts from the lamb’s rear portion and the back legs which include leg sirloin, leg roast, and leg chops.
  • The loin cuts from the back middle section which include loin chops and loin roasts.
  • The most popular of all the lamb cuts which are the rack section emanates from the rib area.
  • The shoulder cuts that are gotten from between the neck and shank areas that include square cuts, blade chops, arm chops and neck slice cuts.
  • The shank cuts that one gets from the top of the lamb’s front legs.
  • The breast cuts that come from below that rack area.

With a good Wooden Cutting Board and an ideal meat cut, you will be sure to come up with a meal that to die for and one that will get you compliments as a chef.

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