Romantic Valentine’s Day Meals

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and all those with significant others are on their toes. Aside from trying to make this day of love special and finding the perfect gift, making dinner should be the easy part. Following are the top super simple and romantic 3-course meals made for 2 that you can choose from for the special day.

For all the vegetarians out there, skip to the bottom of the article and find a 3-course meal put together just for you!


Sun-Dried Tomato Palmier

Containing everything you want in a perfect bread-based starter, from sun-dried tomatoes to Parmesan cheese. Better than normal garlic bread, this little appetizer is two-bite sized and a great way to start off any type of meal!

Grilled Bacon Jalapeño Wraps

Calling all bacon lovers! Not much can beat the original Jalapeno Popper, unless you wrap it in bacon! To make it your own, and to cut the spiciness for those with milder taste buds, these pair well with any type of ranch dip.

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Sometimes main courses aren’t as filling as you’d like. If you’ve chosen a lighter main course, this is the best starter to go with. Varying from an original egg roll, these are little bites of deep-fried heaven with a southwestern twist!

Main Courses

Boursin-Stuffed Chicken

Everyone has a preference in meat, but no one can pass on something that is full of cheese! Easy to make and wrapped in prosciutto, this dish pairs well with any type of salad or a simple potato side dish.

Hand-Made Pizza

Nothing beats a pizza that you’ve made yourself! From your favorite sauce to your preferred toppings, you can completely customize this pizza to the likings of everyone. To make it super Valentine’s Day inspired, cut your pepperoni into heart shapes and lay them on top of the cheese.

Steak au Poivre

With many different versions of this recipe available, you can never go wrong with this. With your favorite cut of meat, whether it be filet mignon or rib eye, this pepper based rub infuses perfectly with your juicy choice of steak.


Molten Chocolate Lave Cakes

Who doesn’t want to try making these, let alone eating one! This is the perfect decadent dessert, filled with melted chocolate that leaks out after your first bite. If this double chocolate dessert isn’t quite hitting your sweet spot, sprinkle the top with icing sugar before serving!

Cake Bites

Easy to make, fun to decorate and delicious to eat. This is the perfect dessert if you and your significant other can’t seem to agree on the same flavors and is way better than any piece of cake or cupcake. This recipe is easy to adjust, substitute and customize to your own preferences.

Vanilla Pudding with Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle

Aside from its long title, this dessert is far from time consuming. The best way to upgrade a boring bowl of vanilla pudding, the chocolate chip cookie brittle turns it into the perfect texture and combination of flavors. If this isn’t the dessert you choose, you’ll definitely have to try it another time!

Vegetarian Options

Gougère (Cheesy Bread Bites)

A classic known starter and loved by everyone, these small cheese puffs are light and can be made to the size of your choosing. For a little extra, add herb and garlic cream cheese into the centers before cooking.

Toasted Garlic Butter Ravioli with Spinach

Who says being vegetarian means you’re stuck with stir-fry and tofu? These cheese raviolis sits in a pool of garlic butter and spinach and are toasted to perfection and served hot. Top it off with your favorite type of cheese and pop it in the oven until crispy and golden.

Individual Chocolate Soufflés

What better way to end a meal than a nice hot mug of soufflé? Skip the tea or coffee that you would be offered after a meal in any restaurant and head straight to the chocolate! Easy to make, you can leave this in the oven while you eat and have it hot and ready by the time you’re done your meal.

Valentine’s Day is meant to show your partner how much you love and care for them. Make sure that this meal is based around their likes and dislikes just as much as your own. Make sure to get equipped with a durable, hardwood cutting board. Visit Wood Cutting Board’s online store to choose from several models and designs today!

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