How to Properly Care for Your Wood Cutting Board

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking amateur, you’ll know the importance of owning a wood cutting board. Not only does it last longer than its plastic competitor but it’s also a necessity to prepare a great meal; so once you invest in one you should take care of it, so you get your wear out of it.

How to Clean Your Board After Use

After you use your board to prepare your delicious meal, you should make sure you clean it properly to maintain your wood cutting board. Wipe it down with the soft side of the sponge or a soft cloth and some antibacterial washing up liquid. Be sure to rub it thoroughly so that it doesn’t harbour germs and bacterium, which can live in any grooves created by wear and constant cutting. You could even wipe down with baking soda and white vinegar once every few weeks to make sure you kill any leftover germs. Lemon juice is also great for getting rid of any remaining odour and it will leave it with a fresh smell.

General Tips on Caring for Your Board

After giving your board a gentle clean, dry it with a cloth. Your board can change shape, become cracked and harbour odour if you don’t dry it after use. Once in a while rub your board with a maintaining oil of your choice, wipe the excess with a cloth and leave the oil to absorb. If your board has subtle dents or marks, you could use sandpaper to subtly get rid of the marks and then oil it afterwards. These small steps will add years on to your board.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

Wood can be a sensitive material, which requires some extra attention. When cleaning your board make sure you don’t leave it to soak in hot water, as it will leave the wood to crack because of the expanding fibres. Don’t leave meat or blood stains to fester on your board. Wash it fairly immediately, especially when dicing meat on it. Never put your cutting board in the dishwasher, as the vigorous process could do more harm than good.

A high-quality board is worth the splurge, especially if you want to serve food on it, or give it to a special someone. Wood cutting boards offer unique novelty boards and an engraving option too. Since you’ll surely love your new board, you should nurture it so it’s around your kitchen for those precious years to come. Go to shop your wood cutting board!

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