Grilled Cheese and Its Variants

There is no doubt at all that grilled cheese has over the years found a place in the hearts of many who hail it for being the perfect midnight snack. And while most us started out with learning how to make grilled cheese before any other meal could come into play, there is still so much that we are yet to explore in as far as its variants are concerned. In this article, we are going to demystify all there is to know about grilled cheese and its variants.

Definition of Grilled Cheese

While there is no one definition that can describe what grilled cheese is, there are various scenarios that can help paint the overall picture.

·      A closed sandwich that has been grilled on both sides.

·      Has cheese as the main ingredient.

·      Is made with sliced loafs of bread.

·      Is served hot with the cheese being thoroughly melted.

·      Is cooked on a surface that is not only flat but one that has also been greased until it turns golden brown.

Variants of Grilled Cheese

We all know that at times the difference between good food and great food is the variants that we put into the ingredients. Grilled cheese is no different at all as a few variants to it also go a long way in making it a little bit better than the regular kind of grilled cheese. Below are some recipes for grilled cheese that you can easily try out at home.

·      Grilled cheese with kimchi

·      Grilled cheese with apples

·      Grilled cheese with avocado, bacon, and tomatoes

·      Grilled cheese with guacamole

·      Grilled cheese with nut butter

·      Spaghetti squash grilled cheese sandwiches

·      Potato chips grilled cheese

·      Grilled cheese sandwiches with sautéed mushrooms

·      Grilled cheese with Mac and cheese

·      Grilled cheese with honey and truffle salt

·      Grilled cheese eggs-plosion

·      Chili cheese dog grilled cheese

Once you are done making the grilled cheese recipe of your choice, you need to place it on your wooden cutting board and shape it to our liking then bring it to the table so as to savor the flavors brought about by the variants.


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