A Few Fun Ideas For Your Wedding Banquet

Every little girl dreams of her big day, her wedding day can be one of the most memorable days of her life. It’s a day full of laughter, fun and of course, food. When it comes to the preparations, there’s a lot to think about, from the decorations to the dinnerware. We’ll show you a few ways to use simple pieces to incorporate into your wedding festivities.

When you’re serving your appetizers, think about simple and elegant ways to display them. Wood cutting boards can be a great way to display finger food. They give that rustic and cosy look that everyone wants. A round board like the ones made by Wood Cutting Boards will be perfect for presenting small bites. Cheese boards are a simple and tasty treat for your guests, which look authentic displayed on a cutting board. You could even go a step further and have your boards initialled for your big day.

Be Creative With Your Presentation

People usually assume that cutting boards are only used in the kitchen. The good news is there are ways to use your board that are inventive and creative. Instead of serving snacks on delicate small plates, cutting boards offer an easy way to display more food for your guests; you don’t have to go for the traditional rectangle version. There’s an array of styles and shapes to fit the style of your wedding or dinner party. You can also cover your board with a piece of fabric or patterned napkins before laying out your food. Decorate your board with small flowers such as violets and daisies, which will add to the natural organic look of your wooden board presentation.

The Benefits Of Owning A Wood Cutting Board

 Using a wooden cutting board is a fun way to display food for many occasions from weddings to dinner parties. They’re also very handy in the kitchen; they’re an essential part of preparing a delicious meal. The wood material will outlast plastic boards and they’re more hygienic, as there is less chance of bacterium getting trapped and remaining on your board. A quality board that’s well looked after should last, as it’s a lot more sturdy and strong than its plastic counterpart. You will find that the wood material is great for slicing meat and hard-to-cut vegetables.

Whether your wedding is fast approaching or you’re starting to prepare early on, there are many original ways to display your wedding food. Think outside of the box and you’ll be surprised of how affordable and stunning your banquet table will look.  

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