What to Bring to your Next Holiday Dinner

With Christmas just around the corner, there is a lot of planning, shopping and preparations to be done. It goes without saying that planning ahead can save you a lot of time and trouble. There is an unspoken understanding which takes place the moment someone accepts a Christmas dinner party invitation. The host agrees to make the guests feel welcomed and the guests agree to be pleasant and appreciative. When both of these are in sync, a lovely time is bound to be spent over an enjoyable meal.

While accepting a Christmas dinner invitation, it is a good idea to ask your host if it is a potluck-style party or if they would like you to bring a dish. If the answer is no, keep in mind that a courteous dinner guest never shows up without a gift. Going to a Christmas dinner doesn’t mean you must take a bottle of wine. Be imaginative and choose something different, like an elegant decorative item for the house or an engraved wood cutting board if your host is someone who’d appreciate a unique idea.

If you are invited to a potluck or ‘bring-a-dish’ style dinner, aim to bring a dish that everyone goes mad for. Go for Christmas recipes you would be able to prepare confidently and present beautifully. Also, consider the fact that they should be easy to transport. We have put together three different meal ideas for you to try, each are easy to prepare and are definite crowd-pleasers!


Caraway- Dill Biscuits:  These classic buttermilk biscuits are flavored with dill seeds. Prepared in just over half an hour, they are an easy choice to delight everyone. They travel well in Tupperware or foil.

Skillet Cornbread: Make this cheesy and buttery cornbread in just over half an hour and serve it straight out of the skillet for a stylish presentation.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus: Add some nutritious veggies to your meal and give it a Christmas-y touch by wrapping around a piece of prosciutto or bacon.


Holiday Vegetable Stuffing: Cooked in just under an hour, this low effort and great tasting turkey and vegetable stuffing promises to make you a star at the next Christmas party.

Overnight-Baked Ham with Riesling-Mustard Glaze: You can never go wrong with this scrumptious meal which is easy to make and guaranteed to charm your friends.

Christmas Lamb Ragu: This warm and hearty meal is the perfect choice for any Christmas dinner party.


Chocolaty Christmas Log: Why not try this simple and delicious, chocolate-flavored cake, to give a Christmas-y feel to the party and please adults and kids alike.

Christmas Sugar Cookies: How about baking these vibrantly colored sugar cookies which look too good to eat. Easy to carry and hard to resist!

Cranberry White Chocolate Cheesecake: Complete your Christmas meal with this festive cheesecake and be sure to impress the crowd with this fool-proof recipe.

Be the superstar at your next Christmas party by bringing any of these dishes, and don’t forget your gift! Customize an engraving to fit the person you have in mind today, visit our online store now!

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