The Art of the Re-Sale – Tips for Making a Profit Buying and Selling

If you’re interested in starting your own business, one of the fastest growing areas is that of buying and re-selling items.  The saying “buy low, sell high” is the perfect catchphrase for this type of business as it essentially captures exactly what you are doing.  With the explosion of the internet, individuals have unprecedented access to distributors and wholesales that can offer products at lower rates, allowing them to turn around and sell the products at a higher rate on the general market.

Benefits of Re-Selling

There are great benefits to starting a buying and re-selling business, including:

  • Low initial investment
  • Unlimited profit potential
  • Minimal financial risk
  • Flexibility
  • No skill required
  • Tax advantages
  • Ability to work from anywhere

But before you jump in and start purchasing a massive inventory to be resold, it is important to understand the basics of what to sell.  This knowledge will help your business to become profitable, instead of a weekend hobby.

What to Sell

Certain items seem to consistently do well in the re-sell arena.  When deciding what to sell, consider these categories of items.


Antiques have unlimited potential for profit if purchased and resold correctly.  However, it does require some knowledge to avoid overpaying, purchasing replicas, or purchasing items in poor condition.  If you are interested, consider selecting a specific area, such as furniture or art.


People are always getting rid of books they are finished with so there is a huge availability for purchasing used books at a low price.  Purchasing rare or first edition books are another way to turn a sizeable profit.

Everyday Items

With access to a variety of wholesalers, individuals are able to purchase many household items in bulk for much less than they can resell them for individually.  If you are able to purchase items for a low enough price, it will be easy to make a profit reselling them in the general market.  One example is wood cutting boards, which everyone needs at least one of in their kitchen.  Purchasing them in bulk at a low rate from online retailers such as Wood Cutting Boards will give you a sizeable inventory as well as the ability to resell them individually for a profit.


Individual computer parts and other electronics are always being sold and resold in the market.  If they are purchased from a wholesaler at a reasonable rate, they can be resold to businesses for upgrades to existing devices or for repair needs.  Some technical knowledge is required for this niche but the profit potential is uncapped.


With benefits like these and access to unlimited wholesalers and distributers, it is no wonder why so many people are getting into this business.

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