You Have To Try These 10 Weird Fruit

At times, life can feel quite dull and boring. A change of routine, habit or simply trying something different can be very refreshing. For instance, challenging your taste buds by eating a variety of fruits, including weird and exotic ones. Health experts recommend eating a colourful range of fruits and vegetables to give your body the much-needed nutrients it searches for.

Before you go shopping for fruits, make sure to get yourself a good quality cutting board. Once your kitchen is well-equipped, we challenge you to try these ten very weird and exotic fruit, available at most local stores and markets.

1) Horned Melon

Also known as Kiwano in Sub-Saharan Africa, to which it is native, this beautiful fruit has an orange, spiky skin with a vibrant peel and tastes like lemon and cucumber combined.

2) Dragon Fruit

Also known as Pitaya, this weird, but healthy, fruit has a texture like that of a kiwi and has red and green skin. It has a sweet and subtle taste and a somewhat spiky exterior.

3) Jackfruit

Known to be the world’s largest tree-borne fruit, this starchy produce has a slight sweetness with an apple and banana flavor.

4) Durian

This large, spiky fruit, grown originally in Southeast Asia is definitely one weird fruit to try. It has a pungent aroma and a strong garlic and fried onion flavor to first-timers.

5) Korean Melon

Resembling a watermelon, this fruit is yellow with white stripes. With a crisp texture like that of a cucumber, it tastes like a mixture of a cucumber and honeydew.

6) Loquats

These small, orange-colored fruit have a sweet and tangy taste, almost like a combination of a mango and peach.

7) Cherimoya

With a custard-like flesh, this green-colored fruit tastes like a combination of pineapple, banana and bubble gum.

8) Pineapple Guava

Known primarily as Feijoa, it is a small elliptical fruit with a gritty flesh and is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

9) Tree Tomato

As its name suggests, this fruit has a tart and a pulpy flesh like that of a tomato. It has a subtle sweet taste to balance the acidity.

10) Sour Plum

These are summer-ripening plums. Grown mostly in the Middle East, they are green with a sour flavor.

Indulge in a real culinary adventure by trying these weird yet healthy fruits from around the globe and appreciate the tastes nature has brought us. Make sure to equip your kitchen with a high quality hardwood cutting board for when it comes time to cut whichever fruit you try first! Make sure to visit Wood Cutting Board’s online store to choose your favorite board and have it personalized just for you!

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